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At Vagabond Digital, we harness the power of data-driven strategies to ensure that every amount you invest translates into meaningful engagement, leads or sales across Google, Bing, App, Youtube and Paid Social channels.

Our Process

The foundations of our PPC team lies within expert knowledge, collaboration, and above all rigorous test and learn frameworks. Our expertise are constantly enhanced by rigorous analysis of data and taking calculated risks.

The PPC landscape is evolving at an accelerated pace, staying at the forefront of software developments and each client’s competitive landscape is key to continue to drive long term growth across all KPI and maximising ROI.

how we consitently generate elite results


Research & Understand

We gain a sound understanding of your business, your competitive landscape and the main business goals that PPC campaigns aim to achieve.



Using our expertise we develop an ambitious and individual PPC strategy that is cohesive to your business goal and target audience within an agreed timeframe.


Analyse & Optimise

Using rigorous data analysis daily PPC reviews and weekly cross team discussions of campaigns occur to learn what has worked and what needs to be optimized further. Details are scrutinized and spend is never wasted, but big decisions are made on the wider trend.


Test Again

With the landscape constantly changing, a successful PPC campaign will not remain successful without consistent learning, analysing and further testing to ensure we are targeting the right lead at the right time.

Fragrance Direct

We started working with Fragrance Direct in the Q4 of 2021, opening with two main projects: one for Black Friday and Christmas, another to advertise specific brands and products on the website. They asked us to start managing their paid social activity, developing for them a more relevant and structured presence on social media.

Our top line objective was to grow the business.

client experiences with vagabond's service

“Working with Vagabond Digital was one of the best decisions we made for our brand. Their insights and creativity have been invaluable.”

Sarah Hughes

CEO, Hughes Realty

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