What We Do

In a nutshell, we use PPC and social advertising to put brands and businesses directly in front of their target audience’s eyes – right when they’re most likely to buy. We’re committed to focusing on the business end of digital marketing: sales and acquisition. Our core business, then, concentrates on PPC and social advertising. Simply put, we create and manage paid advertising campaigns using the likes of Google Ads, Bing Ads, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat.

So What Are PPC and Social Ads?

PPC (pay-per-click) is an advertising model where adverts appear on the internet and you, the advertiser, pay every time a user clicks on an ad. If nobody clicks on them, you don’t pay a penny.
There are various types of PPC adverts – one you may have heard of is paid search ads. These pop up at the top of the page when potential buyers look for things online using search engines such as Google or Bing. They might type ‘rock climbing shoes’ or ‘gift ideas for boyfriend’ into the search bar, then paid search ads will come up above the main results. Remarketing is another form of PPC, whereby banner ads of websites you’ve visited will follow you around the internet.
Social Ads allows you to be visible when your potential customers are searching for your products or services. You’ll reach social media users who are interested in your services and you’ll generally be around when people are nearing the end of their buyer’s journey.

Why Do You Only Do PPC and Social Ads?

Ever asked yourself why Red Bull hasn’t branched out from making energy drinks? Or why Gareth Bale is so one-footed? Or why Ray-Ban doesn’t start to sell clothing?
The answer is this: the rewards of being the best at one thing far outweigh the rewards of being average at lots of things.
For that same principle, here at Vagabond, we only do paid ads – but we’re bloody good at it (sorry to blow our own trumpet again there).
We chose to specialise in the paid advertising space because that’s where we believed we could make the highest impact with our clients. We knew we’d be able to help companies launch or grow into booming businesses.

Why Not SEO?

SEO is often described as the cornerstone of digital marketing, but we tend to think differently. SEO can be extremely costly and time-consuming to set up. It’s very much a long-term strategy and can take years (and huge amounts of investment) before any real results are achieved. Do you want to wait years and invest loads of cash before your advertising strategy starts to pay off? No, we thought not.
Because everyone is doing SEO, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to achieve high Google rankings in amongst all the other business offering similar services to you. Unless you’re in an emerging market it’s extremely difficult to make inroads against all the big and established players.

A Refined Approach

Here at Vagabond, we take the time to understand our clients, assess the market and develop bespoke paid advertising campaigns on the platforms that are most relevant to each individual business.
By looking at each project through the eyes of the customer, combined with a marketing lens and a business mentality, we’re able to create a profile of precisely the types of customers we’re aiming to reach. From this, we formulate highly tailored adverts that reach the right pairs of eyes.
For instance, we may create an ad set that targets just one thousand people. But these aren’t just any thousand people – we know that those individuals are most likely to a) respond to the message, and b) become one of your customers. And then tell all their mates about you; probably on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram…you see how it works?
Our process is collaborative – we work with you and make an effort to get to know you and your product. We’ll carry out market research, competitor analysis, keyword analysis, A/B testing, landing page optimisation, bid optimisation and myriad other techniques and strategies.
To achieve our results, we use a combination of software, bespoke algorithms, automation, marketing knowledge and a little (OK, a lot!) of good old-fashioned human brain power.
We’ll work alongside your in-house marketing team or start a brand-new ad campaign from scratch – it’s up to you.

Why Not Social Media?

Social media is fantastic for raising awareness and building a brand but it’s quite difficult to drive sales through social media content alone. It takes A LOT of time to create and distribute content and to grow and maintain a fanbase organically. This sort of approach, although useful, needs to be supplemented with a paid social campaign.
Paid advertising is where you can see effective results quickly, repeatedly and at scale. The beauty of PPC is that it levels the playing field with the big brands as it allows smaller businesses the opportunity to connect with potential customers when they’re looking to purchase your products or services.
More than ever we, as marketers, have an incredible amount of data at our disposal, which allows us to create increasingly narrow campaigns that allow us to target increasingly specific audiences, demographics and locations on the most popular social platforms on the internet. This is extremely exciting for businesses everywhere.
In any one of our campaigns we may have hundreds of separate advertisements – all targeting different subsections of potential customers – with messages designed to trigger them to purchase your product or service. A far cry, then, from a billboard with one generic message for a host of different people.


At Vagabond Digital, we know that every business is different, so it makes sense to provide a bespoke service. Each and every one of our campaigns is tailored towards each business’ specific market and requirements. With that in mind, we don’t offer any platinum, gold, silver or plutonium packages.
Being a remote company means we’re blessed with fewer overheads, meaning we can offer very competitive prices for premium quality work. We pride ourselves on providing excellent value for money and being an asset to all of our clients.
We prefer to take clients on board only when we’re confident we can make a difference. What we’ll need back from you is an ambitious, collaborative and dedicated approach that mirrors ours. We need you to share our values so we can work together as a team. In other words, we need to feel we’re the right fit. We don’t take on board every business that approaches us – if we feel we can’t help you, we’ll be honest about it.
We operate on the basis of a £1,000 + vat minimum monthly management fee, as we feel any less than this doesn’t provide us with the sufficient resources to provide a level of service we can put our name to.
Unlike most other agencies, we offer flat rate management fees.
Many agencies will charge a percentage of the overall ad spend, which incentivises them to spend more of your money. Instead, we offer flat rate fees so you know exactly what your advertising outgoings will be.

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