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350% increase in sales & 380% in conversion value

Developing a more relevant and structured presence on social media.

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Paid social & creative

The Brief.

We started working with Fragrance Direct in the Q4 of 2021, opening with two main projects: one for Black Friday and Christmas, another to advertise specific brands and products on the website. They asked us to start managing their paid social activity, developing for them a more relevant and structured presence on social media.

Our top line objective was to grow the business.

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What we did.

We tested a combination of strong promotional offers, ad formats, creative and copy within a rigorous testing framework, supported by our in-house tools to optimise results
We tested creative quickly and at scale to define an effective strategy very early on in the campaign
We used a mixture of narrow and broad targeting
We leveraged AI, interest & custom audiences to identify new and existing business opportunities
We used agile budget allocation to ensure optimal performance of all stages of the funnel whilst maintaining business objective
We capitalised on changes in demand and fluctuations in performance

The Results.


Increase in CTR


Decrease in CPA


Increase in ROAS


105 new product sales in 1 month.

Door Handle Company

103% increase in ROAS.