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Revenue up by 248% since the start of 2019

Major revenue growth through the power of Facebook.

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Paid Social

The Brief.

Flowercard asked us to help them with their paid social strategy, having never quite got the results they wanted doing it in-house. Within 3 months, paid social became the biggest driver of growth and we proved Facebook is a great acquisition channel for increasing revenue.

The challenge was to develop a more sustainable approach to balance out the peak and leaner periods, since flowers tend to be a seasonal and occasion business (Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, etc.).

Flowercard sits in 2 markets – gifts and flowers with big competitors so we needed to be savvy with the strategies we implemented.

FC Group Shot

What we did.

We first got to know the business and market, then built out customer avatars
Having only really targeting over 65 females, we set to work testing some younger demographics so that we could reach new audiences who had never heard of the brand
Test and learn, like lots of AB testing
Sales funnel with super cold audiences excluding any CRM lists or previous visitors
Re-marketing strategy with diff offers at diff stages of funnel – more persuasive closer to bottom of funnel
Using catalogue sales and testing lots of different creative formats and styles
Different things resonate with different people – variety with creative and targeting
FC Double Shot


Increase in revenue.

The revenue growth from the social campaigns has been substantial and with the wind in its sails, Flowercard plans to expand its team and grow in other territories.

Door Handle Company

Return on ad spend increased by 103%.


182% increase in orders.