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Return on ad spend increased by 103%

Major business growth through successful paid media strategy.

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Paid Media

The Brief.

The Door Handle Company is a specialist supplier of door handles, doorknobs and door furniture. As the market became more challenging, and with the likes of Amazon competing in the space with ‘big spend’ budgets, the Door Handle Company asked us for some specialist strategic support on their paid media strategy.

Our top line objective was to grow the business.

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What we did.

Given the price sensitivity of the market we had to make sure we utilised different strategies for low vs high end products
We conducted some new keyword research
We remade all their ads
We optimised their shopping feed moving to a Smart Shopping strategy
We leaned in to automation implementing Dynamic Search Ads and Responsive Search Ads
We used a ‘test and learn’ framework utilising ‘drafts and experiments’ to test and refine all the campaigns

The Results.


Increase in ROAS


Increase in revenue


Average CPC reduction


CPC reduction on streamlined branded campaign


Increase in branded searches via display campaigns

Fragrance Direct

305% increase in sales.


248% increase in revenue.